Post Production – Editing

Once I had filmed everything the only thing left was editing. I had a few problems at first which slowed me down a lot. The problem was converting the Gopro files using the program on offer by Gopro,  Cineform. This took a very long time to convert, I left it over night and it still had not completed the converting. On top of this, I converted every file only to find they then did not agree with my editing software, so I was forced to convert all over again, adding a day to my editing.

The editing software I used was “MoviePlus Starter Edition”, a program i downloaded for free after researching the web. It does not allow much editing in terms of effects but for my piece I only needed to cut, order and fade so this software allowed me to do so from home. This also required processing before I was able to edit, which once again took a long time for it to complete for all my footage.

I tried out the “day for night” setting in Cineform to see if this made my production look more eerie but i decided not to use it. Not only would it take too long to export but it took too much away from the beauty of the abandoned area. Also I developed the piece into less of an eerie project, into an unknown but intriguing video.

At points in the video I wanted to build up the intensity but whilst filming i could not run as it was too shaky, so in order to create this effect i cut together short, quick scenes. Some scenes were faded to create a blinking effect, reinforcing the idea of the camera as somethings vision. I also slowed down some shots to give them a smoother look.

Editing was extremely time consuming  and took far longer that I expected, which is usually the case when it comes to editing. I had a lot of footage to work with which made it very hard to cut down to just what was needed. I have kept the piece at around 10 minutes long as i did not want it too seem too long and drawn out. I also want to keep the viewer interested so that they become ingrossed in the video and gain an experience from viewing it.

I did record a sound effect for the flapping of the birds wigs, this was done by wafting the PVC piping up and down. The sound effect was very believable but I decided not to use it as I wanted to music the be the main focus, as it proved to be quite powerful on its own.

I have filmed some of my footage in 1080p at 30fps but after some research I found the majority of GoPro users think that 720p at 60fps is smoother, so I filmed the rest in this setting. I must be honest I cannot really tell the difference, so it was worth trying both to put me at ease. I have exported it in 1080p for the best quality!


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