How one might read the ending

The ending of my piece shows a cliff jump which fades to black. It then shows a bird flying off and then diving for a fish. The way this might be read depends of the viewer. It could be seen that the vision we were witnessing was that of a birds the whole time. But, the ending I personally see, one that is more powerful in my mind is an ending of symbolism. The bird represents life or freedom. The “being” or “thing” which we have been following throughout the film looks as if they kill them selves from throwing them self of a cliff. I feel that it can be seen that they do indeed die and the bird is there as a symbol of their life, perhaps a sign of their soul carrying on. It shows symbolism and the idea that some people cannot feel free in this life, they end their life to become free.

These are just some approaches to my production, I can never decide how it will be read by the viewer, only contemplate. 


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