Footage from Barrow Hospital

Looking back on the rest of my footage from the hospital, I can see that I have well over enough footage to play with. It seems I will be editing for a long while to cut down what I have filmed, as is the way with most productions. Once again some of the footage had the unavoidable shadow, foot, finger or reflection. Yet, there were a lot less mistakes compared to the first session. Also, a shot or two had the Figrig creeping in as it had fallen out of place here and there. Otherwise the footage all seemed great.

I have decided from reviewing the scene in which the camera jumps out the window that it just isn’t as epic as I had hoped. The shot was done very well but it just isn’t long enough, additionally, it is not high enough. I believe that this shot would be over to soon and seeing as it is the pivotal ending of the video it needs to last a bit longer and be more intense.

Therefore, I have decided to go back to my original plan and shoot this scene at the gorge at Clifton downs. I will then cut to black and film the lower part of the drop at a lower cliff near Frenchay. Yet, it is vital to note that the scene shot from the 3rd story window was not a waste of time, far from it. It allowed me and my crew to experiment with the lowering contraption and get to grip with it in a safe and low down area. Furthermore, I still intend to use part of this scene to build up tension. It will portray the camera considering jumping out of the window but too scared or unsure. This will then lead into the scene which will take place on top of the gorge. 

All in all the day of filming went well and the window can be seen as a vital test. Some of the footage seemed a little shaky at times and the general movement of walking could be noticed. However, I do not see this as a negative point. I think that the combination of smooth steady shots, with those which show the movement of walking combine to portray an unknown, unnatural and confusing movement. Therefore, not giving away too much of the identity of who’s vision we are sharing. 


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