Final scenes

I went out for a final shooting session to capture the cliff scenes and bird scenes to complete my piece. These were always going to be the most tricky and challenging scenes to shoot and so I had to be very prepared.

Previously, for the scene which jumped out of the window I merely secured my Figrig on site with some Blu Tack in quite a botched manor, as the height of the fall was not too great. Yet, the height of the cliff scene was incredibly high, if the camera was to fall it would never be recovered. So, the night before I made sure to secure the Figrig as well as I possibly could. To do this I wrapped Blu Tack around the inside of the pipe then forced it into the joint with a lot of pressure. This seemed to hold very well and so I was confident it would be able to take any sudden stops. Here are some photos to show what i mean:


This left me with three pieces to all secured which could fit in my bag and be put together on site before the cliff scene.


To help the day go smoothly I also downloaded the Gopro app as it was vital in order to get the bird scenes done. Without the option of the playback preview i could never be sure that the wings were in position as this was a hard enough scene as it is. However, connecting the app and the Gopro was known to drain the battery life substantially, so every shot needed to be done quick.

It was an intense and nerve racking day of filming. Dangling my camera of a cliff was extremely scary, physically demanding and terrifying. In order to get the camera over the edge without risking my life I used the left over PVC piping I had from making the Figrig to make a fishing rod styled contraption which gave me that extra length i needed. Here is a picture to show this:



I did have a back-up cliff in mind in case the gorge did not go to plan but luckily it all went well. However, i did also film off the lower cliff in order to flow the two scenes together.

As for the bird wing scene, I managed to hold the camera in one hand and hold one wing in the other, while one of my crew held the other wing. Katie Millner also watched the video playback, with its delay of 2 seconds to instruct us on whether the shots went smoothly. The video playback was also used in the fish scene in which the bird dives in to get the fish.

To shoot this scene I bought a fish from sainsbury’s and, with the help of Katie Millner, sewed it shut. Here is the fish during surgery:



The fish was attached to thread, then hooped through the PVC piping and was moved about by Katie Millner while she watched the playback and me and Daniel Train (my other crew member) worked the bird wings and camera. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of this as a dog turned up and ate the fish in one. Luckily I had just finished the last shot at this stage!


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