Turning Gopro footage from fisheye into normal

The Gopro is an alternative camera which I will be using instead of the 3 camera Figrig. It gives me the option of filming quite wide angle shots to create more of an experience and in a smaller and lighter way. The Gopro might be a more sensible option to use, seeing as I will be filming the majority of my video in run down, derelict areas. These areas might not be the easiest places to access, so carrying around 3 cameras mounted to a figrig might not be so easy, or even be possible on the risk assessment form. The Gopro is very small and light, so could just fit in my pocket and allow me to reach, otherwise, difficult areas to film in. I can also use the Gopro to start filming in these abandoned locations and begin getting footage and testing out filming techniques, even if i decide to use the figrrig combo in the end.


This image shows how small the Gopro is, meaning it would be very easy to pop out and film in any location. I have been trained to use the Gopro now and I am fully confident in filming with this camera. Although, the university loans desk only has one available, so i will have to plan ahead if using this camera for my entire film.


The Gopro films with a slight fish eyed curve on the edges of the shot. This might be a nice effect to use in my video but i can always take out the fish eyed aspect in post production. The video above gives a good demonstration of the difference in 720p Gopro footage, turning fisheye footage into normal footage. This will give me the flexibility to use the wide angle fish eyed shots or just normal wide angle. So I can play around and see what looks best!