First practice shots and editing!

After watching this video and having time to look back on it several things come to mind. The areas of filming that stand out as in need of improvement include some of the zooms shots which are definitely not smooth enough, although a few of them have deliberate shakes to create an effect that what is being seen is a certain vision or perspective from a ‘being’ who’s eyes are the camera. Also some of the shots are a bit shakey and the camera quality is not great. Aside from the technical improvements needed some of the shots could be improved. The shot from on top of a building of cars driving in the distance which has been sped up is not really individual enough, such shots are seen a lot in music videos or documentaries. Also one beginning shot of the clouds shot with a fish eye lens doesn’t suit what i’m aiming for, this was just a test shot. The positive aspects from this shoot are the good use of lighting, I feel the time of day in which this was filmed suits the eerie feel i am going for. There is also a nice close up shot of water reflecting off the wall, which gives an almost dream like view, it is also quiet personal and makes u feel like you are close to the wall yourself when watching ( one of my aims fro my project). Overall this was useful to film some practice shots as it has really reinforced what i want to get out of my video. I have also decided after watching this that i will only shoot 1st person shots, not shots watching the character as i feel the idea of ‘being’ the camera is very powerful and if you loose this effect with other shots throughout it will loose its power and impact!


Looking back on my original Proposal

When looking back to my original proposal there are several things I now plan to do differently. My ideas have no spiraled into producing more of a video art piece, in the respect that the piece will not really hold much of a narrative and will just comprise of certain pieces of footage accompanied by music. In my original proposal i mentioned that I wanted to use a number of different shots filmed in numerous locations and all filmed with different styles, this I now feel would not work. I want to focus on one main area so the sequences of shots correlate to each other, rather than a shot of a field then a road for example. I will also not use too many difference styles of filming as I want to create one feel and experience throughout. I might still incorporate purposefully distorted, blurred or shaken footage, however I have changed my mind about using different lenses (like fish eye) as from my first practice video it didn’t seem to flow with the shots taken with a normal lens. I will definitely still use different lighting techniques as mentioned in my proposal as i think lighting can have such a huge impact on how a video is seen, also I feel it is not very common to play around with lighting much in videos, so i plan to approach this area.

Another technique I discussed in my proposal was to edit the footage largely, however i think the raw, filmed footage is more important to get right, then perhaps some editing effects can be added to certain scenes, but i no longer feel it is too important. I will also still be experimenting with the speed of certain pieces of footage to see how this can change the way it is perceived.

Looking back at my proposal I brought to light that i gained some inspiration from the films ‘Requiem for a dream’, ‘fear and loathing in Las Vegas  and ‘train spotting’. It is now clear that although these films did help the inception of my ideas, but they are not exactly going to be too similar to my project. These films depict aspects of surrealism, which if i was to define the area in which my project is approaching, surrealism would probably be the closest word i could think of. However all these films use drug use as the gateway to the surrealist and dream like scenes, I will not approach my piece in this way, instead it will just begin in the dream like, unknown state, almost throwing the viewer into the deep end. My piece would also never be too similar to these films as it holds no narrative, it is more of a video art project, but these films were positive early inspiration to get my thought buds going. Another video that inspired me was mention in my proposal, this was Ito Takashi’s short film ‘Ghost’, which i still feel is very important in stirring up my ideas and as it is a video art film can help me get my head around how the footage should be filmed and approached.



Original Proposal

The idea I have for next years production module involves the use of visual simulations to create an effect of a mental state or a dream like frame of mind. To do this I will use a number of different shots filmed in numerous areas and all filmed with different styles. Such as blurred footage, shaken or purposefully distorted footage, different lenses and different lighting techniques. The footage will then need a lot of editing to add a certain atmosphere and emotion which cannot be captured just with the camera. I would like to play around with the editing to really give the film something else. Such as the speeding up and slowing down of footage which I feel can drastically change how that footage is perceived. For example the sped up footage of a persons face moving around, which is then suddenly stopped creates a powerful scene. I would like to explore many editing and filming ideas like these to create a scary, unknown piece of video.

I hope that this will create a powerful, emotional and visually exciting piece of film. I am fascinated about portraying mental states or dreams as the boundaries are limitless. Or even the state of mind after drug use. Anything can be constructed even if it has no initial meaning and the meanings that are made can effect people differently. One of the main theorist who inspired me was Ito Takashi with his film Ghost from 1984. I have associated his video with some of my work this year as I find his film very powerful. He manages to capture a very unfamiliar atmosphere yet it feels so real to the viewer, I like the way it creates a feeling of embodiment with the camera, we are “becoming” the camera as we watch his work. I have also been inspired from films such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Requiem for a Dream, which show very powerful states of mind after drug use. Another film that comes to mind is Train spotting, which uses some good visualisations to show intense drug use. I feel these films are very gripping and almost stressful at times, which shows how powerful visual images can be, I want the viewer to feel they are experiencing what they are viewing. Overall I would love to have to opportunity to put these ideas into action and create something different.

I very much look forward to getting this project started!