The aim of my production

I am very fascinated in how video can be used to give birth to certain feelings, anxieties and emotions in its viewers. The way video has a power to give the viewer an illusion of  ‘becoming’ the camera and actually seeing what the camera sees as if it were their very own eyes watching what unravels.  I want to use these types of aspects in my own project in order to create a powerful piece of  imagery which ignites certain feelings in the viewers. In my mind one of the most powerful feelings that video can bring is the uncomfortable and uneasiness that scary or weird videos can create, this has the effect of being scared but yet not able to bring yourself away from what is being watched, its almost an uneasy addiction. This seems to give the viewer more of an experience than that you would gain from a romantic or action piece  as scary productions seem to put the view in the place of the camera, to a stage where they are afraid of what the are ‘seeing’ rather than watching.

I aim to produce such an experience by filming an almost ‘unknown’ piece of video, in which all shots are take from a 1st person perspective, where the camera sees as if it were the eye of a person. Yet perhaps adding a unnatural movement or flow of this footage might create an eerie  mysterious feeling throughout, that perhaps this ‘being’ which is seeing is not human and is something unexplained. This i hope will make the viewer feel uncomfortable yet at the same time too mesmerized by the non human experience that they cannot look away. It gives them an experience of being something else and seeing sights that are not in there control, but still feel as if it is them looking around.



Requiem for a Dream Trailer

The film ‘Requiem for a Dream’ is an example of a film that uses very clever angles and effects of filming to create visually powerful scenes. The film also uses cleverly made music which builds anxiety and suspense. I found the whole film very stressful and uneasy to watch, which in my eyes is brilliant, as it portrays how powerful video can be. The film offers quite a surrealist form of video and most of the scenes depict the effects of drug use. This was good for me to watch as it is similar to the scenes created in a dream states, which is an area i am approaching in my project. This was a good starting block for my ideas and displays the way in which different camera angles and techniques of filming can create certain feelings and stimulation’s in video.